Personal Training Membership – How Does it Work?

Our standard package includes one month of access to the gym and includes 4 hours of personal training. If you require anything outside of this feel free to contact us to discuss what else might work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to pay any extra money to be a member of the gym for Personal Training Sessions?

You do not need to pay any extra money to the gym – it’s included in your monthly fee. If you have any further questions about this aspect of the package they can be addressed during your Initial Consultation.

How long is each Personal Training Session?

All sessions are priced for 60 minutes. Longer or shorter sessions are available if desired.

When can I train?

We aim to be available to suit you. Generally anytime between 7am – 9pm, Monday – Friday. We are also available 8am-3pm on Saturday and Sunday.

What happens if I need to cancel a session or can’t fulfill my weekly commitment?

You have the length of your membership term to fit in all your sessions. Less than 8 hours notice for cancelling your session will result in you losing that session – although we do aim to be as flexible as possible to accommodate circumstances. You can carry-over sessions that are missed from each week. If you get to the end of your membership term and you haven’t taken all your sessions, you can carry them over into a new membership term of any length. Enabling you to keep all the sessions that you have paid for without penalty for missing them.

Will I have to share my session with anyone else?

Each session is a one-on-one Personal Training Session with your Trainer alone, unless you join up for the ‘Train With a Friend’ Membership.

What if I want extra sessions; am I limited by the Membership Package I’m on?

You can pay £25 for any additional sessions that you wish to fit in. For example, If you are on a £125 monthly Membership and you wish to fit more than one session in on any given week you can pay-as-you-go £25 per session.

Will I have to pay everything in one go?

Payments are made monthly and in advance at the start of your package. You can pay by card, cash, cheque or by standing order.


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